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Building Together For a More Intelligent AdTech Ecosystem

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FACT is working together for the next wave of innovation in AdTech.    

We're building the first collaborative forum for the principal actors of the AdTech ecosystem - brands, publishers and tech vendors - to tackle the challenges of an evolving and maturing industry.


Forensic AdTech describes a new crop of techniques and companies helping advertisers and publishers better analyze data and uncover deeper insights, patterns, and misconceptions in the bid-stream.  From improving privacy to reducing carbon, achieving media effectiveness to eliminating fraud, we're working to ensure a sustainable and efficient AdTech ecosystem

We hope you'll join us in promoting and growing this exciting new category. 

Tom Triscari  

FACT Founder

Forensic AdTech Space Scape

Today we count 44 companies in the Forensic AdTech SpaceScape generating an estimated $297 million in annual revenue as of 2023. 

The Forensic AdTech category - represented in the blue section of the spacescape shown here - is complementary to existing Media Monitoring and Consent Management businesses which have on average been around longer that the newer "forensic" firms.

The category has seen over $270 million in capital investment in the past 5 years and is projected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Forensic AdTech SpaceScape_13JUN24.png

If want to learn more about the Forensic AdTech SpaceScape, then check out Version 1.0 to get a sense of how the space is defined, with context and parameters across the categories, and sub-categories. 


Extra context can be found in  

Version 2.0 and Version 3.0.

Who Joins FACT?

FACT is driven by the principal parties to the advertising transaction - Advertisers and Publishers - seeking to raise the bar on best practice for ad verification, brand safety, truth in media, carbon emission reduction and combatting MFA, fraud and other nefarious practices that continue to plague the industry.


Monthly Steering Group ThinkTank

Gain insights through a range of working groups focused on ideation, discussion, debate, and planning for continued advancement and growth of the category.  Working groups will produce original research and best practice to drive adoption in the space.


Quarterly Webinars

Join a large, diverse audience across the adtech supply chain covering a range of topics presented by FACT member companies.  Webinar guests include marketers, publishers and AdTech thought leaders.  


Annual Big Events

Join us for a series of global events aimed at bringing together the best minds in the forensic AdTech category including:

Cannes - Private Beach-side Forensic AdTech Lunch & Learn

NYC Fall Conference - 200 person, full day event showcasing the best of the industry

London Fall Conference - Full day event bringing together the top thought leaders from the EMEA region

If you're an advertiser, publisher or AdTech vendor who wants to join FACT please submit a request here and we'll send you membership details and an application to join.

Apply To Join FACT

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